Last summer I spent a little while in Laos, and began and concluded my stay in Vientiane. Over the past few days I’ve been thinking a little about the year abroad and this poem is just a quick reflection of my time in Vientiane, enjoy! 🙂 Vientiane Hot, humid, dusty, the beige air collates and […]

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Mary-Jane and Alfie-Joe

Bonnie little Mary-Jane two golden pools so deep crouching, observant Alfie-Joe nimble enough to creep Mary-Jane suspected so felt eyes beyond the hedges and letters posted through her front door contained poor Alfie’s pledges.

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The Search

I still scout for you in cars, in magazines and falling stars I still long for you at night, in sailing boats and flying kites I still forage for you in trees, down on the ground up; in the canopy I still seek you out in bars, in window panes and out on Mars And […]

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Thank you for the memories

Last Thursday I graduated from the University of Exeter in Biological Sciences with Study abroad, having spent three years on the beautiful south coast and a year in sunny Singapore. Throughout my degree there has been a permanent circle of friends that have held me up, made me laugh, spilt countless drinks on me, been there […]

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The Beach

The Beach It was too late the tsunami has reached the beach and breached the deck chairs and wind shields I had already loved you crashed into your open arms.

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The Middle Tower

In 2015 I started work on a poem about The Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore whilst on my year abroad. Many edits and re-writes later, having shown the poem to some close friends and trusted critics, I’m finally ready to share it. I hope you enjoy 🙂 The Middle Tower The middle tower always felt […]

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