My five best books of 2017

Not just the best book I read in 2017, it’s the best book I’ve ever read.

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Meet me under the stars

At the end of all days, At the end of the world, When the embers flicker As the clocks strike twelve Wade, knee-deep through turbid waters, Grapple with brazen reeds and doughy sediment, Be guided by Alpha Canis Majoris Be guided by light, heaven sent. Make your way to the forest Make your way through […]

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Last summer I spent a little while in Laos, and began and concluded my stay in Vientiane. Over the past few days I’ve been thinking a little about the year abroad and this poem is just a quick reflection of my time in Vientiane, enjoy! 🙂 Vientiane Hot, humid, dusty, the beige air collates and […]

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Mary-Jane and Alfie-Joe

Bonnie little Mary-Jane two golden pools so deep crouching, observant Alfie-Joe nimble enough to creep Mary-Jane suspected so felt eyes beyond the hedges and letters posted through her front door contained poor Alfie’s pledges.

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The Search

I still scout for you in cars, in magazines and falling stars I still long for you at night, in sailing boats and flying kites I still forage for you in trees, down on the ground up; in the canopy I still seek you out in bars, in window panes and out on Mars And […]

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Thank you for the memories

Last Thursday I graduated from the University of Exeter in Biological Sciences with Study abroad, having spent three years on the beautiful south coast and a year in sunny Singapore. Throughout my degree there has been a permanent circle of friends that have held me up, made me laugh, spilt countless drinks on me, been there […]

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The Beach

The Beach It was too late the tsunami has reached the beach and breached the deck chairs and wind shields I had already loved you crashed into your open arms.

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